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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Kirby Medical Center offers Phase II and III Cardiac Rehabilitation programs. Offering a combination of physical exercise, education and counseling designed specifically for each patient’s needs. Both programs are designed for the patient to become more physically fit and to acquire a better understanding of their disease while learning to minimize their risk for further problems.

Phase II Cardiac Rehab is an individualized outpatient exercise program for persons who have had a cardiac event. Participants wear a heart monitor while they exercise three times a week. The program lasts from 6-12 weeks, and includes education on heart disease, risk factor modification, dietary consultation and lifestyle change.

Phase III Cardiac Rehab is an outpatient maintenance program, for persons who have completed Phase II Cardiac Rehab or who have appropriate risk factor modification needs. Participants monitor their progress under the supervision of the rehabilitation staff.

For more information call (217) 762-1830.