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FAA Physical

Kirby Medical Center’s Aviation Medicine offers a full range of medical services to pilots, from medical certificate renewals to specialized treatment for aviation-related illnesses.

Dr. Manint standing next to his air plane.

Services for pilots include:

  • Authorization to issue medical certificate
  • Perform FAA Medical Exams
  • Consultation on medical issues
  • Referral and access to specialists in areas related to aviation medicine, such as cardiology, ophthalmology, otology, and endocrinology
  • Advice and counseling in aviation medicine issues and illnesses, such as vertigo, hypoxia, aero otitis and aero sinusitis

James Manint, D.O., is a private pilot and an aviation medical examiner certified by the FAA. Dr. Manint has many years of experience working in aviation medicine and has established close working relationships in the aviation community.

To schedule your FAA flight physical, please call (217)762-6241. You can visit the FAA website to fill out your FAA medical application at