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Therapy Services at Kirby Medical Center

Rehab Services

Increasing Your Independence & Improving Your Quality of Life

After illness, injury or surgery, rehabilitative therapy is the key to enhancing your recovery and enriching your overall health.The Therapy Services department at Kirby Medical Center provides a wide variety of high-end equipment and services provided by highly-experienced professionals who are focused on your needs.

The Therapy Services department is located just inside the main entrance of Kirby Medical Center and off of the main promenade, next to the offices of Kirby Medical Group.

When beginning any new therapy program, you will want to remember to bring the following with you. By doing so, we can expedite the process and ensure that we have all of the information we need to take the best care of you.

  • Insurance Card
  • Photo Identification
  • List of:
    • Current Medications
    • Current Allergies
    • Previous Injuries and Dates of Any Surgeries Past and Present

Also, be sure to wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to discuss your goals. Remember, therapy is a progressive process and having a positive attitude will help you achieve your goals.

Cardiac Rehabilitation »

Through a combination of physical exercise, education and counseling, our cardiac rehabilitation program aims to help patients become more physically fit, acquire a better understanding of their disease and minimize their risk for future problems.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation »

Designed for patients suffering from lung disease, our pulmonary rehabilitation program offers two supervised exercise sessions each week along with information about breathing retraining, bronchial hygiene, relaxation methods, nutrition and more.

Physical Therapy »

Patients of all ages are encouraged to achieve their maximum level of physical mobility and function by working with our licensed physical therapists and physical therapy assistants. Services include therapeutic exercise, soft tissue manipulation, gait training and more. 

Occupational Therapy »

Our occupational therapy team works to increase safety and independence for our patients. Sessions address daily activities such as getting dressed, bathing and cooking.

Speech Therapy »

With the help of a licensed speech pathologist, patients both young and old learn to express their needs through understandable speech. Swallow-based programs are also available to assist those with swallowing disorders.

Women's Health Therapy Services »

Kirby Medical Center’s Therapy Services Department is pleased to offer physical therapy for a variety of women’s health issues. These therapy services are designed especially for the unique health issues facing women and are intended to relieve pain and help improve quality of life. 

Women's Health Therapy Services Brochure 

Urinary Incontinence Treatment Program