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Women's Health Therapy Services

Women’s Health Therapy Services offered by Kirby Medical Center are designed to improve a variety of women’s health conditions, decrease pain and improve quality of life. Women who may benefit include those who may have experienced childbirth, hysterectomy or bladder surgery.

Therapy for pelvic and bladder issues: Women’s Health Physical Therapy Services are targeted to address women’s health issues such as pelvic pain and urinary dysfunction. Women who experience bladder leakage, bladder prolapse, painful intercourse, muscular pelvic floor laxity, abdominal pain or low back pain may benefit from physical therapy.

Treatment Options: A physical therapist with special training in women’s health will provide your treatment. A treatment program typically includes one visit per week for 6-12 weeks.

A physician’s referral is required for therapy services. If you experience any of the listed conditions, please discuss the benefits of women’s health physical therapy with your physician. For more information about Women's Health Services offered by Kirby Medical Group, click Download Women's Health Information.

For more information call (217) 762-1830.

Women's Health Therapy Services Brochure

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